You must apply for a Norway Work Visa in order to reside and work there.

The Skilled Worker Visa, which is given to those who have secured employment with a Norwegian firm and possess a college degree or professional training, is the most prevalent type of Norwegian Work Visa. The Norwegian Residence Permit for Work, which enables you to legally reside and work in Norway, is what you are applying for even though it is referred to as a “work visa”.

Who can apply for a work visa for Norway

If you meet the following criteria, you may submit an application for a Norwegian Work Visa:

  • You’ve finished further education.
  • You’ve finished vocational training.
  • You’ve secured employment at a company in Norway.
  • It’s a full-time position.
  • The salary is equal to what a Norwegian citizen would receive for the same job.
  • You are a legal adult.
  • You don’t have a history of crime.

If you apply on your own (from your home country) and you are still there when you submit your application, you must:

  • Assemble the paperwork required to apply for employment authorization.
  • Submit the online form on the UDI website.
  • Send the finished application to the nearby visa application center or Norwegian embassy.

The application will be forwarded by the Embassy/VAC to the UDI.

The UDI will mail the entrance visa to the Embassy or VAC where you submitted your application if you generally need a visa to visit that country. You may enter Norway and work there with this visa. You don’t also need to submit an application for an entry visa.

Work visa requirements for Norway

The following papers must be submitted with your application for employment authorization. in Norway:

  • Your ID card. Additionally, send copies of each utilized passport page.
  • The application for a work visa for Norway. Following the completion of the online application.
  • Two photos the size of a passport. With a white background and has been recently taken.
  • Evidence that you reside in Norway. A signed lease agreement, as an illustration.
  • The Employment offer form. This must be completed by your employer. On the UDI website.
  • Evidence that shows the income satisfies the standards. The payment information is in your work contract.
  • Evidence of academic credentials. For instance, your diploma from a college or trade school.
  • Evidence of prior employment history.
  • Documents from your past employers that describe your qualifications.
  • Your CV and the type of work you accomplished, and how long you were there.
  • Evidence that you are there legally and have had a residence permit 
  • Proof that you are lawfully residing in Norway if you are submitting your application there.
  • Any other records are necessary for your particular circumstance.
  • If you plan to work for multiple employers.
  • If you don’t have a permanent job contract.
  • You can download the list of required documents from the UDI.

How to apply 

Once you get a work offer from Norway, you must begin the online employment authorization application process at the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration’s website (UDI). Then, you have two options:

  • If you are already in Norway, turn in the paperwork.
  • Your employer, who is applying on your behalf from Norway, should send the paperwork.

The processing period for a work visa for Norway

The processing of your application could take up to 8 weeks after you submit it. You are not permitted to begin working if you are already in Norway during this time until the visa has been issued.

Norwegian Work Visa Cost

The cost of employment authorization for Norway is 6,300 NOK (USD 690). You must pay this cost in order to renew it. When you finish the online application on the UDI website, you must pay the charge using a debit or credit card.

There is an additional service charge if you apply through a Visa Application Center as opposed to an Embassy.