For travelers seeking the optimal mix between work and leisure, Cyprus provides a beautiful environment that combines a relaxed lifestyle with a sophisticated environment. The new Ayia Napa Marina is a great location for gatherings and interaction. 

Numerous thousands of immigrants arrive here each year, with the majority being Indians. Any such Indian who wants to immigrate to Cyprus but is unsure of how to proceed can benefit from this guide.

Ways to immigrate to Cyprus 

The government offers various visa categories for anyone who wants to move there. These visa types include:

Study visa 

Since the country is a developed nation with degrees that are recognized around the world, many individuals choose to pursue their studies every year. The architectural, clinical, dental, and pharmaceutical sectors are all included in the public and private academic institutions that make up its school system. 

The ability to work while you are a student is another benefit, as it will help you pay for living expenses and enhance your language abilities. The candidate must possess an educational IELTS or TOEFL diploma at any grade to be admitted to the university. 


Any Indian student applying for a study visa must submit the following:

  • Identification documents;
  • Admission certificate in university;
  • Proof of sufficient resources;
  • Certificate of IELTS or TOEFL; and
  • Clear criminal history. 

Employment visa 

Cyprus is one of the options for Indian immigrants who are interested in seeking employment abroad. By finding a recruiter, the candidate can live and work for the same business and obtain resident status. The Cypriot company must demonstrate that no other competent applicants were available for the position.


The following are the requirements for the employment visa:

  • Identification papers;
  • Job contract;
  • Proof of residency;
  • Proof of monetary resources;
  • Proof of higher education; and 
  • Cover letter explaining the reason behind immigration. 

Immigration through investment 

One of the methods to migrate is through investing. Purchasing real estate in Cyprus is one of the most effective approaches to investing there because it can quickly lead to residency. You can gain citizen status in less than six months if the total cost of the estates you buy in the nation surpasses 2 million euros. It should be mentioned that the acquired assets must be retained for at least three years before they can be resold. The simple criteria that the administration has set up to entice international investments are one of the key benefits of investing here. The government has set the following requirements for investment in Cyprus:

  • The candidate is rich; and
  • Has no criminal history.

It should be emphasized that the investor may remain there as long as they meet the rules and procedures for getting nationality and residence permits; if not, they must depart. Some of the best areas in the country to purchase real estate are Limassol, Nicosia, Strovolos, Paphos, and Famagusta. 

The stages of buying a property

The stages to invest include: 

  1. Getting the state’s confirmation of the asset registry. 
  2. Showing that you have money to buy the estate and cover its yearly taxes.
  3. Requesting a permit for purchasing land.
  4. Paying for a property’s purchase costs.
  5. Pay the taxes. 

Immigration through marriage 

Indian citizens who are married to Cyprus nationals can file for a permanent residency card. The couple must have been living together long enough to establish that their marriage is genuine and lawful. The couple cannot falsify their marriage to secure a visa. Any false information or uncertainty may result in the denial of a visa application.


Following are the requirements for immigration through a spouse visa 

  • Identification papers;
  • Proof of legal marriage;
  • proof of co-inhabitants;
  • Proof of the sponsor having sufficient money to support their spouse; 
  • Proof of accommodation; and 
  • Document stating the reason behind immigration.