If I were to submit my visa application, will it be rejected? This is a question that worries people while applying for a visa abroad. The fear of their visa application being rejected or denied make them worried that they often forget to find out why this might happen and things to do to prevent it from happening. The clear truth is that a visa such as a Schengen visa may be denied if there is a problem as regards the visa application. 

When their visa applications are rejected or denied, this perplexes many visa applicants, because they believe they have met all requirements as stipulated by the embassy or consulate. 

An application is deemed unsuccessful if the consular officer is unable to get all the vital information required from the candidate. Failing to acquire the information, the officer is unable to decide if such a candidate meets the qualification of being issued a Visa. It is also possible to get one’s application rejected based on unacceptable information and beyond fixable procedures. Sometimes a candidate might be involved in illegal activities as inferred by the officer. When all these and more are present, the officer is allowed to deny the issuance of a Visa to such candidate. 

There is no problem without a solution. Here are six of the main reasons why a Visa in Italy may be denied, hopefully, you can prevent your Visa from being denied by knowing them. 

Fake Travel Document

Anyone applying for a Visa with forged papers is only looking to get a rejection. Applicants must ensure they submit not only the proper documents required but also the right ones. Falsified documents that might lead to a misrepresentation of their identities should be avoided. While applying for a Visa, an applicant must be honest and trustworthy, because submitting a doctored document is not a good sign of a citizen with good morals. 

Damaged Passport

A Visa can be denied if the passport belonging to such applicant is not kept properly, leading to issues such as but not limited to, missing pages, damage to the cover page, unclear passport photograph, etc.  Keeping a passport in a safe place away from water, insects, children, and other things that may damage it should be ensured. 

Previous and/or Current Criminal Actions

The past will always be used to evaluate the future. This is true in the screening process of Italian Visa applications.  The past and present situations and actions of the applicant are carefully studied by the consular officer before a decision of issuing the visa. If the applicant is seen as a threat to the nation due to previous involvements in crimes or present criminal records, the visa may be denied based on the applicant being a menace to the internal security and public wealth of Italy.

Not enough reason for the purpose and conditions of the planned stay

A good reason for a Visa to be denied or rejected is when the applicant fails to provide sufficient reasons for the intended stay. Traveling without a purpose tells the consular officer that one has no plan and only wishes to be a burden to the country. To avoid a Visa denial, an applicant must ensure that he/she provides a valid employment letter if it’s available, sufficient documents to support the purpose of travel such as a short business course invitation, be sure to apply for a visa period in conformity with a travel itinerary, etc. 

Invalid Passport 

This is one of the main reasons why a consular officer is liable to deny your Visa application. Presenting an unacceptable passport to the Embassy gives off the notion that you are up to no good. To avoid a Visa denial, one must adhere to the following.

1. A passport with a valid period more than three months after arriving from Italy must be submitted

2. Don’t present a passport without two different blank visa pages

3. Never submit a valid passport older than ten years

 Proof of a travel itinerary

If you want your Visa application to be denied, present a poor and lacking itinerary. This is a reason behind several application rejections. When an applicant fails to present a proper and well-detailed plan for his/her travel, he/she is pointing out to the consular officer that there is no aim of traveling abroad.  To avoid this, an applicant must have a travel ticket booked in advance, an accommodation, a statement of account, etc. This indicates the seriousness and proves to the Embassy that the applicant has plans of not being a burden on the country. 

There are several other reasons why a Visa might be denied. These are just a few of them but if followed, would help avoid the rejection of your visa application.