Wondering whether their Visa application might be denied is something that bothers most applicants, especially first-timers, looking to travel overseas. There is always the fear of being denied a chance to go abroad, making them so tense, that they tend to disregard important things like being aware of the factors that may affect their Visa application and key measures to take against them. The rejection of Visa applications often confuses the minds of applicants who believe they have met all requirements, but the truth is that any visa application such as a long-stay visa might be denied if there arises an issue concerning the applicant. 

Visas are denied based on the decisions of the consular officer at the Embassy or consulate. Various conditions validate the consular officer’s decision to reject or deny your visa. Firstly, if the consular officer fails to get necessary information about the applicant as required by the Embassy. Secondly, being unable to acquire such information, he or she can’t decide whether the candidate satisfies the criteria to be issued a Visa. Thirdly, unacceptable information and beyond fixable procedures can result in one’s visa being rejected. Lastly, a candidate whose involvement in illegal activities was inferred by the officer. 

Below are five of the main reasons why your Visa in Latvia will be denied regardless of your efforts. They are meant to help you though, not discourage you. 

 Invalid Letter of Reference

A reference letter must be presented alongside other documents at the embassy. When this letter is false or not authenticated, it becomes an issue. Factors that may warrant your Visa application being denied due to the invalidity of a letter of reference are numerous. They include:

 1. Present a formal letter without an original letterhead having the address and contact details of the referee. 

2. Presenting a formal letter issued three months late from the application date

3. A formal letter without a stamp and signature of the writer on the formal letter, etc. 

Forged Travel Document

When applying for a Visa in Latvia, it is best to avoid presenting fake or falsified documents that might warrant problems later. The consular officer is allowed to deem the visa application illegal and therefore, rejected if he or she has doubts about the authenticity of any document submitted. Such as a passport, statement of account, flight ticket, etc. One should avoid fraudulent acts like submitting fake documents to the embassy when applying for a Visa in Latvia or any country. 

Lacking a Means of Subsistence

The Latvian embassy might deny or reject your Visa application if you fail to provide enough evidence of a means of sustenance during your stay in the country. This happens because a person without a job or means of survival traveling to Latvia might eventually become a burden on the country or get involved in criminal activities. Some reasons for denying your visa because it fails to prove your means of sustenance include providing financial statements older than one month from the application date, unable to provide a current account statement without debts, possessing insufficient funds in the presented financial statements, submitting a traveler’s cheque of which the applicant is not the rightful owner, etc.

Past and/or Present Criminal Activities

An applicant with a former criminal record might have his or her visa denied or rejected if there’s anything about such activities that pose a threat to the country and its people. Usually, applicants are required to submit evidence of their criminal record and if questions rises or doubt about the morality of the applicant, the visa might be denied by the Embassy. Such activities include previous involvements in terrorism, kidnapping, fraud, drug peddling, human trafficking, et cetera. This doesn’t mean that an applicant with a criminal record is illegible to apply. However, valid, and concrete evidence which backs the applicant’s present activities should be submitted. 

Unauthenticated Birth or Marriage Certificate

A reason why a Visa might be denied or was denied could be because of the submission of a birth or marriage certificate which is unacceptable by the embassy. These can include:

Failure to present a certificate endorsed by official authorities

Failure to provide a certificate in non-English language translated by the authorized translator

Submitting a document other than a civil certificate 

Unable to submit a certificate showing both parents of the child

Unable to provide a certificate that has the names of the people presented on the submitted passports

Unable to provide proof of the custody of the child or legal adoption documents if the child was adopted

How to avoid a Visa application being denied or rejected

The only way one can avoid this is by following the right processes and submitting accurate documents which prove the applicant is truly sincere about traveling to Latvia. Avoiding all the mentioned reasons is also a good step to avoiding it.