Applying for a Visa is simple. You just must know the right steps to take or hire the services of professionals in the field to help you through the entire process and zoom- you are on your way to Lithuania, the city of expats. However, this isn’t always true. Often, visas have been denied to applicants who in one way or the other failed to provide certain requirements to the embassy or consulate. Lithuania is one of the few countries in the European Union that allows the use of a Schengen visa if a person is only staying for a short time. 

When visa applications are denied, it often leaves applicants wondering what went wrong with their interview or if the consular officer just disliked them from day one. However, this is far from the truth. The Lithuanian embassy can decide whether to issue a Visa or not to an applicant even if he or she satisfies the necessary criteria like submission of documents required, possession of a passport, etc. Below is a guideline on how to avoid your visa being denied. 

Who can apply for a Visa?

Anyone with the means to travel can apply for a Visa. However, applying for a visa depends on the duration of stay. Citizens from non-European countries may apply for a Schengen visa if they only intend to stay for up to three months, otherwise, a long-stay visa should be applied for. Applying for a Visa without a reasonable purpose makes no sense. The several purposes most people apply for a Visa include business trips, employment, study, vacation, family reunion, etc. It is therefore important one has a solid reason for traveling and a means to provide for him or herself while in Lithuania. Anyone who lacks any of the motives listed above and a means of sustenance cannot apply for a Visa. 

Five Reasons why a Visa in Lithuania might be denied

Invalid Travel Insurance

This might seem like a no big deal but without proper and valid travel insurance, traveling to a foreign country such as Lithuania might be difficult, especially for anyone looking to live there for a while. When an applicant is unable to present appropriate travel insurance that covers the duration of stay, it might lead to a Visa denial. As they say, no one likes a bother. Your visa might be denied in the occurrence of the following: failure to present a coverage plan that covers the travel, all expenses to be incurred in the country, and returning, unable to produce travel insurance, which can cover the entire days of the trip in Lithuania, etc. 

Insufficient reason for the stay

Imagine traveling to a foreign country without having a purpose or knowing someone who is based there. Logically, this makes no sense. To successfully travel to a European country such as Lithuania, an applicant must have a valid reason for traveling. Reasons such as a business meeting, employment at a home-based establishment, admission at an institution, vacation to explore the country, or perhaps, participation in a sport, culture, or an art event. When visa applications are made with concrete reasons such as those listed, they are not likely to be denied. 

Inability to present evidence of Accommodation

A reason that could lead to your Visa being denied is when you are unable to prove to the consular officer and embassy that you have a place to live during the trip. A Visa might be denied if any of the following situations were to arise:

  • Failure to provide proof of a hotel reservation
  • No proof of the invitation from the host in the case of sponsorship, etc. 

Fake Travel Documents

It is always advisable to present accurate documents to the embassy or consulate when applying for a Visa. This prevents issues like visa delay and visa rejection. If you want to avoid your visa from being denied, you must ensure that you submit valid and well-presentable documents required by the Embassy. The consular officer has the right to declare a problem with a Visa application if he or she finds out certain documents were forged. This might be the passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, Bank statement, etc. Tampering with official documents such as the listed ones might result in a Visa application being rejected. 

Inability to survive in Lithuania

 If at any point in time the Lithuanian embassy finds out an applicant has no means of subsistence in the country, such applicant might lose the issued visa. Expect for those looking to explore the country on a vacation, a valid and sustainable source of livelihood must be acquired for an applicant to apply for a Visa. However, in cases of studying in Lithuania, attending a business meeting, visiting family members, etc., there may be sponsors who will finance the trip. Every applicant must have a reliable source of income, to prevent them from becoming a burden on the country. It is best to submit proof that shows you have a valid means of sustenance if you don’t want your Visa to be denied. 

How to avoid your visa application from being denied

As an applicant, you must be honest and truthful during the process. Submit the right documents, avoid tampering with your documents, be honest about your financial situation, and seek professional help from those with much experience in the field.