The residence permit in France for financially independent individuals is a very profitable investment. The residence permit in France allows you to stay in the country 365 days a year continuously. Additional authorization from the authorities is required for the right to engage in any type of entrepreneurial activity.

Benefits of a residence permit in France

Free movement in the Schengen area

There is no need to apply for a visa. The opportunity to live in France. You can stay in the country all year round. Moreover, there is no requirement for permanent residence.

Ability to apply for French citizenship

After 10 years of permanent residence in the country, you can apply for a French passport.

Access to Europe

The residence permit in France gives you the opportunity to study in educational institutions in France on the same conditions that are valid for the French (not as foreign students). You get access to highly qualified medical care (the cost of treatment is covered by health insurance).

Documents for whole family

Together with the main applicant, a spouse of children under 18 years of age can apply for a residence permit.

No language proficiency requirement

No language proficiency requirement. To obtain and renew a residence permit, you do not need to know French. However, knowledge of the language is a prerequisite for the issuance of citizenship in the future.

After 5 years, holders of residence permit cards can apply for a carte de séjour for 10 years (in fact, permanent residence).

Costs of obtaining a residence permit in France

The residence permit in France is designed for financially independent individuals who are not citizens of any EU country and whose center of economic interests remains in the territory of their home country. Holders of this type of residence permit undertake not to engage in professional or business activities in France.

First of all, applicants for a residence permit in France must confirm the existence of a stable and regular source of income (at least 1,300 euros per month for each applicant). An alternative is the presence of 15,600 euros in an account with a bank in France or any other country (plus the same amount for each dependent in the application). To obtain a residence permit, you must purchase or rent housing in France.

  • There are no restrictions on the value of the real estate; 
  • the average price of housing in the country is from 100,000 euros. 

The minimum rental period for real estate is 12 months. It is preferable to choose accommodation at the rate of 1 room per applicant.

In addition to the costs of purchasing / renting housing, the applicant must take into account several other costs:

  • issuance of a residence permit card (for each application) – 180 euros in the first year, 266 euros starting from the second year;
  • consular fee (for each application) – 100 euros;
  • health insurance contract (for each in the application) – from 300 euros.

Requirements for potential residents

To apply for a residence permit in France, the applicant must:

  • reach the age of majority;
  • meet the main requirements (confirm that there is enough money to support the whole family, buy or rent real estate);
  • obtain a special type D visa issued by the French consulate at the place of residence;
  • receive a stable profit from a legal source;
  • draw up a health insurance contract.

Together with the main applicant, a spouse, children under 18 years of age can apply for a residence permit. If the holder of a residence permit card of this type has committed a crime, the decision to grant the status may be canceled.

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Documents required for obtaining a residence permit in France

To apply for paperwork, the applicant must provide:

  • completed state forms with a mandatory letter of motivation;
  • a foreign passport with a valid type D visa; Moreover, the passport must be valid for at least another 1 year and 1 month;
  • marriage / divorce certificate;
  • birth certificate;
  • identity card (internal passport) or a residence permit in another country (residence permit / permanent residence card);
  • receipts confirming payment of state fees;
  • an extract from the bank account with the designation of the residual amount on the account;
  • confirmation of employment (employment contract, certificate from work) or confirmation of the existence of your own business;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • health insurance contract;
  • real estate purchase and sale agreement or housing lease agreement.

This list is basic and not exhaustive. French authorities may request additional documents.

Details of program

The term for consideration of documents is up to 2 months

The duration of case consideration in most cases does not exceed 60 days, but each application is considered on an individual basis, so adjustments in terms are possible.

All forms are completed following the established procedure in French or English

Accompanying documents can be submitted in any language but must be accompanied by a notarized translation. Translations are carried out only by professional translators.

The applicant must visit France to submit documents

Submission remotely or with the help of third parties is not possible. After submitting the documents, applicants expect an invitation from OFFI. The term for receiving an invitation is up to three months. At the same time, you cannot leave the territory of the country.

There is no permanent residency requirement to maintain status

The residence permit card is valid for 1 year. The document is automatically updated for the same period. The validity period of the card for children is 5 years. A card issued to a child over 13 years old is valid until the child reaches the age of majority (up to 18 years old).

Ability to apply for permanent residence and citizenship. Holders of a residence permit of this type in 5 years can apply for a Carte de sejour for 10 years, which is a permanent residence. 


After another 5 years, you can apply for citizenship. At the same time, you must be a tax resident of France and must pay taxes to the state treasury, know French, and own Carte de sejour for 10 years. The program is approved at the state level, everything is legal and transparent.