Immigration documents in United Kingdom

There are three most important documents related to immigration and residency in United Kingdom:


The image of the passport of United KingdomA passport is an identity document that provides information about a specific person. In the context of immigration and residency, a passport proves that a person holds the citizenship of a certain country, United Kingdom for example.

The passport of United Kingdom is considered to be quite strong, requiring no visa to enter most of the countries. Where a visa-free entry is not available, its holder will usually receive a relevant authorisation upon arrival.


The visa of United Kingdom is a document that allows a person who is not a resident of United Kingdom to enter the country. There are several types of visas, e.g. Direct airside transit visaVisitor in transit visa (for travellers partially transiting through the land), Marriage visitor visa (for those who wish to get married or enter a civil partnership in the country), etc. They are usually distinguished by the purpose, for which the applicant wishes to enter the country. There 15 major types of visa in United Kingdom.