Visa to Croatia

A Croatia's visa is a document that allows its holder to enter Croatia and reside for some time in the country.

Croatia has the following 4 types of visa:

  • Tourist visa
  • Work visa
  • Student visa
  • Family visa

It must be noted that some of these visa sub-types can be included into a broader category, and they are different in the sense that they require different documents to apply for.


Depending on your chosen visa type, the processing fees may range from 35 to 65 EUR. Please not that this may be subject to change due to individual circumstances.

Time frames

In most cases it takes from 15 to 30 to process a visa application. Please, keep in mind that any these time estimates may change drastically, depending on your chosen visa time and various special cases, e.g. when the visa issuing authority must ask for additional documents.

Documents needed

When applying for a visa to Croatia, in most cases you will need the following documents, depending on the type or sub-type of visa:

  • Any visa
    • visa application form
    • passport/travel document with at least 3 blank pages for the visa
    • copy of the passport
    • 2 passport-format photos of the applicant
    • proof of accommodation, e.g. a hotel
    • proof of sufficient finances for sustenance (except for Work visa applicants)
    • health insurance
  • Tourist visa
    • proof of being able to return or finances that are sufficient to ensure a return, e.g. via buying a plane ticket
  • Any visa for minors
    • birth certificate
    • a letter from the parents or legal guardians proving their consent for the minor to travel
  • Visitor visa
    • letter of invitation and residence proof from the person the applicant is going to visit
  • Business visa
    • letter of invitation from the respective legal entity related to the aim of the travel
    • letter from the applicant's employer about the applicant's position, salary and the intended travel time
    • letter of explanation about the purpose and the intended length of the trip from the applicant
    • for the self-employed: legal entity registration documents
  • Work visa
    • copy of a job contract
    • copy of the employer's registration documents
    • proof from the employer that a competent local or EU citizen has not being found, hence the need to invite a worker from a non-member country
    • proof of the applicant's professional skills and education
  • Student visa
    • letter of explanation about the reasons for applying for this type of visa
  • Family reunification visa
    • letter of explanation about the reasons for applying for this type of visa
    • proof of family relationship with the respective relatives
  • Transit visa
    • proof of the intention and ability to travel further, e.g. a valid plane ticket

Photo requirements

The photo you submit with the application documents must meet certain criteria:

  • 3,5 cm х 4,5 cm in size
  • recently and professionally taken
  • has a light background
  • facing forward
  • facial features clearly visible (i.e. nothing covers the face)
  • no tinted eyeglasses or decorational headwear

Croatia's visa and Schengen area

Instead of Croatia's visa, you can enter the country with a Schengen visa. Croatia's visa cannot be used to enter the Schengen area, it is not considered a valid entrance documents in this case.

Immigration to EU

If you wish to immigrate to Croatia or a EU country in general, you will most likely need a visa to enter the country for preliminary arrangements before you can actually receive a residence permit. Contact us to see which visa you would need, as well as check out our EU residency solutions.