Embassy of the Norway in the Republic of Latvia

The Norway embassy in Riga is located in the city center. The Embassy's working hours are from 08:30 to 12:30, 13:00 to 16:00 by local time. National Day is the 7th May.

Address of the embassy

Location of embassyThe Norway embassy in Latvia is located at Kalku iela 15, 2nd floor in Riga. The Embassy's postal code is LV 1050.

Contact details

Tel.: +371 678 141 00
Fax: +371 678 141 08
e-mail: emb.riga@mfa.no


Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary posted to Latvia at the Norway embassy is His Excellency (H.E.) Mr. Steinar Egil Hagen.

Steinar Egil Hagen has worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2001, as a senior adviser in 2004–2007 and director in 2007–2014. He is the director of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and visited Riga several times, where he was responsible for Norwegian relations with the Baltic countries, including grants from the EEA / Norway.

Pictures of the embassy

Norway embassy in Working hours Norway embassy Frontview Norway embassy Coat of arms

About the embassy

The Norwegian Embassy in Riga was opened on November 27, 1991 by the Ambassador, who presented his credentials to the President that day. The embassy employs two diplomats, an intern and five local staff. The defense record in Stockholm is accredited in Latvia.

What can the embassy help?

  • issue an emergency pass on the way back;
  • issue a new passport;
  • Notary / apostille (certification of signatures, certification of copies, etc.);
  • Contact family and friends to ask them to help you with money and tickets;
  • advice on the transfer of money from Norway;
  • give an advice and guidance on medical services, hospitals, etc.;
  • help with legal assistance.

All Norwegian citizens can ask for help, and refugees or stateless persons living in Norway can count on the same assistance as Norwegian citizens, in most cases during temporary residence abroad. Norwegian citizens permanently residing abroad cannot count on the same assistance as those who were supposed to receive Norwegian citizens with a permanent residence permit in Norway. If you have dual citizenship and you travel to another country, you may risk that the authorities of another country do not recognize Norwegian citizenship. In such cases, the Norwegian authorities will not be able to assist.