Visa to Slovakia

A Slovakia's visa is a document that allows its holder to enter Slovakia and reside for some time in the country.

Slovakia has the following 4 types of visa:

  • Airport transit visa (Type A)
  • Transit visa (Type B)
  • Entry visa (Type C)
  • Long-term visa (Type D)

It must be noted that some of these visa sub-types can be included into a broader category, and they are different in the sense that they require different documents to apply for.

Slovakia's visa and Schengen area

Instead of Slovakia's visa, you can enter the country with a Schengen visa. You can use Slovakia's visa to enter the Schengen area.

Immigration to EU

If you wish to immigrate to Slovakia or a EU country in general, you will most likely need a visa to enter the country for preliminary arrangements before you can actually receive a residence permit. Contact us to see which visa you would need, as well as check out our EU residency solutions.