Passport of Vatican City

The image of the passport of Vatican City The passport of Vatican City is a document that proves that a person has a citizenship of Vatican City. If you apply for a residency programme with the aim of getting a citizenship, acquiring a passport is one of your primary aims.

Vatican City's passport is considered to be the 54th strongest passport out of 199 passports of the world. The holders of the passport can enter 99 countries with no visa requirements and in 44 jursidictions they would receive a visa on arrival. In 55 countries, the holder of the passport would still need a visa. This makes the passport of Vatican City (and, by default, Vatican City's citizenship) stronger than 73% of the world's citizenships.

The passport is valid for 10 years.


The position of Vatican City's passport in the worldwide travel/identity document rating is as follows:

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  • 52. Mexico passport - visa free/on arrival to 147 countries
  • 53. Uruguay passport - visa free/on arrival to 146 countries
  • 54. Vatican City passport - visa free/on arrival to 143 countries
  • 55. Bahamas passport - visa free/on arrival to 142 countries
  • 56. Costa Rica passport - visa free/on arrival to 139 countries
  • [...]

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If you are interested in getting this or an EU passport, acquiring a residency permit is the first step. This is because one is almost always required to be residing in a country for some time before one can apply for a citizenship. So get acquainted with our residence permit services and start your journey to citizenship now.