Work in Romania

Getting a job and working in Romania is one of the reasons why one might want to acquire a residence permit in Europe (an example of this would be a residence permit in Latvia). Working in Romania also allows you to enjoy all the benefits of residing in the EU, such as freedom of moving in the Schengen area, the chance to be employed and do business in the member-states with fewer requirement, as well as travel to European destinations without the need for a visa (with some exceptions).


As of now, there are approximately 54 231 vacancies available in Romania. That is 1.1% of all the job positions, both occupied and vacant, in the country.

Wages and expenses

In Romania the minimum wage is EUR 446.02, while the average salary is EUR 1077.

A single person in Romania spends an average of EUR 439 per month, not including rent.


The standard workweek in Romania is 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week.

Useful resources

If you are planning to work in Romania, it is useful to know the following information and contacts of organizations.

Work permit services

If you are interested in working in Romania, you need to obtain a work permit and a residence permit (which in some cases are obtained simultaneously). For this you can use the help of our legal team - we provide consultations, find the best solutions to your unique case and deliver legal assisstance of all kinds. So contact us by using the form on the upper right side of the page, and start a journey to your dream job in Romania.