In 2017, the French government launched the Passport Talent program to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs, investors, highly skilled employees, and the art world.

The talent visa to France is valid for 4 years and can be renewed.

French Talent Passport benefits:

  • the right to live in France with your family under a simplified registration procedure;
  • automatic permission for any professional activity to members of a “talented” family over 18 years old;
  • access to the services of the banking sector in Europe;
  • business development in a promising market;
  • assistance in the opening and development of a startup;
  • free visit to the EU countries;
  • medical care on an equal basis with the citizens of the country.

After 5 years of continuous residence and work in France based on a visa, you can get permanent residence. After 10 years – become a full citizen of the country.

French Talent Passport provides tremendous opportunities for business development and contribution to French culture and science.

Who can get a multi-year visa?

The French Talent Passport project is designed for 11 categories of foreigners. Each of them differs in the requirements for candidates and the conditions for obtaining a preferential visa.


The main condition for approval is an investment in the French economy.

Investments are taken into account personally or through an existing company.

Requirements for the applicant:

Personal investment through a company in which the applicant owns at least 10% of the capital.

  • Alternative – investments through a business, the capital of which must be owned fully or more than 30%;
  • Creation and preservation of jobs for 4 years after investment;
  • The number of investments in tangible or intangible assets for EUR 300,000.

Direct investments include reinvested income, loans between subsidiaries, capital investments. Passive investments, for example, buying securities, are not included in the program.

Under the French investment category, foreigners investing in the French technology sector can obtain a French technical visa through a separate procedure.

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Founder or buyer of a business

An applicant for a residence permit must provide a realistic, carefully prepared plan for starting a business. In some cases, the acquisition of a controlling stake in an existing company is considered a business project.


  • Investments from 30,000 euros;
  • The level of education is not lower than a master’s or 5 years of professional activity of an equivalent level.

Income or financial protection for living in France.

Consider starting a business in a trade, commercial or industrial field.

Creator of an innovative economic project (startup)

A French startup visa is a chance to implement start-up ideas in a country with a developed economy that favorably accepts novice businessmen.


Having an innovative, relevant business project approved by a French government agency.

Confirmed availability of financial resources.

An innovative startup idea must be well developed. Financiers advise finding a niche by tracking a growing trend, taking into account product features, planning a production system, sales, logistics, and productivity analysis.

Qualified employee

A simplified Talent France visa is available to employees who are qualified professionals.


  • An employment contract concluded with any French employer for 3 months or more.
  • Estimated remuneration for work for € 36,946 or more per year.
  • The level of education is not lower than a Master of Science degree or a professional license issued in France.

Highly qualified employee

High-level specialists with a demanded profession can obtain a long-term visa.


  • Lease agreement with a validity period of 12 months.
  • State-recognized higher education diploma or 5 years of professional experience.
  • The salary level is 53,836 euros and above.
  • For registration, you must fill out a special form for a qualified employee. 

An employee of innovative companies

France welcomes not only the creators of innovative projects but also those who are ready to develop them.


  • A contract for more than 3 months in a business recognized as an innovative Ministry of Economy.
  • Remuneration for professional activity – from 36 946 euros per year.
  • An appropriate level of education (not less than a master’s).
  • The job of the applicant must be related to research and development.

Long business trip or transfer within an international company

Employees of a business established in any foreign country have the right to transfer to a French branch of a company or a company of the same group.


  • Work experience for at least 3 months.
  • An employment contract with a French employer.
  • The salary is equal to or higher than 33,251 euros per year.
  • The same applies to a long business trip.

An authorized representative of a company with a branch in France

This category includes corporate employees who have come to France to represent the interests of their organization.


  • The status of the legal representative of a company operating in France.
  • Work experience at the same enterprise or in an organization belonging to the same group of at least 3 months.
  • Annual remuneration exceeds the minimum salary by 3 times, that is 55,419 euros.

Scientist or Research Fellow

The Talent visa in France is available to researchers engaged in scientific activities.


  • The host provides work related to higher education objectives or other scientific research.
  • University diploma is not less than the master’s level.
  • Upon registration, an agreement with the host will be required.

Artist, painter, or writer

The category includes professions related to creativity: actors involved in theatrical performances, authors of artistic or literary works.


  • The financial result of professional activity, allowing you to stay in the country for the required period.
  • A representative of the creative profession has the right to work for hire.

Internationally recognized person

Obtaining a residence permit with a French Talent Passport is possible for world stars or celebrities conducting professional activities in the following areas:

  • sports;
  • scientific;
  • educational;
  • literary;
  • intellectual;
  • artistic.


  • Proof of Achievement.
  • Financial resources allow living in France.

Passport Talent issuance and required documents

3 months before the expected date of departure to France, you must apply to the consular office at your place of residence. After obtaining a national visa marked French Talent Passport, you can move. In France, you must register with the prefecture of your place of residence.

Main documents for French Talent Passport:

  • completed visa application forms. ;
  • 3 color photographs 35 × 40 mm. ;
  • certificate from the bank about the state of the account. ;
  • border and your passports with copies of each page;
  • a receipt confirming payment of the required fees.

The reason for the refusal to obtain a multi-year visa may be incorrectly executed documents or inconsistencies with the stated requirements. To avoid difficulties with registration, it is worth contacting professionals who will quickly resolve all issues.

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