Work Residence in France: Get it in 2021

Work Residence Permit in France

France has always been an attractive country for immigration for many reasons: high standard of living, tolerance, social benefits, and much more. Obtaining work residence permit in France is one of the solution to immigrate there. Residence permit in France In many countries of the world, the concept of temporary status (residence permit) has been […]

PACS – an alternative to marriage in France: Registration procedure

PACS France

PACS is a civil agreement, an act that is concluded between two individuals to organize their life together in France. The contracting parties must be of legal age, any gender. There are no restrictions on nationality for the conclusion of PACS in France. But if the PACS is concluded abroad (at the embassy or consulate), […]

French Talent Passport: How to get one?

French Talent Passport

In 2017, the French government launched the Passport Talent program to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs, investors, highly skilled employees, and the art world. The talent visa to France is valid for 4 years and can be renewed. French Talent Passport benefits: the right to live in France with your family under a simplified […]