Is there any difference if I receive the residence permit based on investment vs real estate?

F.A.Q. answer:
No, there is absolutely no difference in the residence permit you receive. You may choose the option that suits you best. In any case the term of validity of your residence permit will be up to 5 years, with the opportunity to extend. Check out the table below for more details.

Placement of term
deposit / acquisition
of bonds
of a Business
in real estate
Subordinated term deposit or bonds ≥ 280 000 EUR
or equivalent in USD at the current rate of the Bank of Latvia (~ 315 000 USD)

Term ≥ 5 years
Investment amount
≥ 50 000 EUR
≥ 40 000 EUR

If you invest 150 000 EUR, no tax volume requirements
Value of which is ≥ 250 000 EUR in Riga and other major cities

Or ≥ 250 000 EUR possibly divided into no more than two properties in the regions of Latvia
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