Residence Permit in Latvia - How to Apply?

F.A.Q. answer:
There are two principal stages to apply for a temporary residence permit in Latvia:

Making investment

  • Consideration and selection of the most appropriate type of investment (read more)
  • Visit Latvia and arrange personal meetings, as appropriate
  • Negotiate the investment and conclude any agreements
  • Register with the competent state authorities

Applying for the residence permit

  • File all documents with the Latvian Embassy abroad
  • Receive the decision regarding the granting of the residence permit
  • Register the residence permit at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in Latvia

Additional stages can be included if the foreigner is willing to visit Latvia before applying for the residence permit, for example, to see the real estate personally, to check the infrastructure, to discuss business opportunities, etc. For such purpose the usual travel and visa requirements will apply.

Overall, the whole procedure may require effort over several months (read more). Nevertheless our legal team is prepared to assist you at any stage or to take care of the whole procedure on your behalf. Please contact us for details.

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