Residence Permit in Latvia - Who can Apply?

F.A.Q. answer:
Any person may apply for a residence permit in Latvia as long as it is based on one of the legally valid reasons for requesting a residence permit. Basically a residence permit is needed if you wish to reside in the Republic of Latvia for a period of time exceeding 90 days within half a year as from the first day of entry.
In the absence of other reasons entitling to a foreigner to a residence permit under the law, a foreign national may apply for the residence permit in Latvia on the grounds of business and investment:

  • Residence permit based on investment in real estate, for example, purchase of an apartment or a plot of land.
  • Residence permit based on the investment in subordinated capital of a credit institution.
  • Residence permit based on investment in the share capital of a company in the status of a shareholder, for example, company formation and registration or acceding to an existing company with a significant investment.
  • Residence permit for a company executive, for example, a Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, Board Member, Proxy (read more)

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