Immigration to Latvia for Indians

We provide Indians with immigration and visa services in Latvia. There are various programs that we have available that can allow you to Live, Work and Study in Latvia – and even permanently move to Latvia and gain Latvian citizenship one day. As an experience immigration law office we can also help you with visa possibilities in Latvia for Indian people. Latvia can be one of the best places to immigrate for Indians for several reasons, for example:

  • Latvia is part of the Schengen Area – Once you are a resident in Latvia it can open the door to most of the rest of Europe.
  • Living in Latvia long term can open the door to Latvian Citizenship – Since Latvia is a member of the EU, it's citizens are EU Citizens and so this opens the door for whole families to legally live and work Anywhere in the EU.
  • The simple and straightforward immigration programs offered in Latvia provide one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest routes toward EU residency and eventually EU citizenship.
  • The young population of Latvia has a high level of English language knowledge, which is a common second language for most Indians – allowing them to integrate more easily. You can make friends, and meet people without the need to know the local language.
  • Latvia has an excellent higher education system which awards qualifications recognised throughout the EU and the rest of the world – with courses available taught in the English language – this can also make the process of advancing your international career simpler and easier.

Latvia visa for Indians

Obtaining a visa to Latvia for Indians works more or less the same as for most Schengen countries because Latvia is part of the Schengen Area. If you already have a valid Schengen visa then you can use this to travel to Latvia. If you need a visa, then the process is not complicated, and you can apply at the nearest embassy of a Schengen country close to your place of residence – In this way it can be simple to obtain your Schengen visa in order to visit Latvia. If you have a residency permit for Latvia or any other Schengen country then you do not need a visa to visit Latvia. Contact us about how we can help you obtain a Latvian residence permit which will not only allow you to live, work and study in Latvia – but also visit any Schengen area country (almost any EU country) without a visa.

Latvia immigration for Indians

Latvia Immigration for Indians is an area where we have extensive experience. We are a specialist immigration law firm in Latvia with over 15 years of combined experience and employ many specialists – including former Latvian Immigration officers – who can help Indian citizens with all of their Latvian immigration needs – no matter what you need, whether you want to Live, work or simply study in Latvia – or perhaps if you want to move to Latvia and one day gain Latvian citizenship – we can help.

India a global superpower

Over recent decades, the Indian economy has grown in visibility on the global stage and has become a force to be reckoned with. This has been possible because of sustained economic growth combined with favourable macroeconomic conditions over the past few decades. When compared to other developing nations, Indian investment in Eastern Europe is one of the most readily identifiable sources of new business and business expansion. Indians have begun to immigrate to Eastern European countries such as Latvia, Poland or Czech Republic in large quantities – and they are bringing much needed money with them.

Over the past twenty years, developing countries such as India, China and others in East Asia saw paradigm shift, as these traditional investment recipients became wealthy and started to secure that wealth through investment abroad – Including extensive immigration in search of new business opportunities. In terms of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) such immigrants have had a huge impact in many areas, but on an especially large scale in parts of the services sector, such as financial intermediary services, communications, wholesale, retail and other distribution services in Europe. The mining and construction sector has also seen huge FDI investments from these developing nations.

Investment in Eastern Europe

The majority of foreign investment in Europe comes from other European Union member countries like Germany, Netherland, Austria, Greece, Poland, and Latvia but besides these there is also significant investment from other countries such as Russia & Turkey. In more recent years, market liberalization, combined with unprecedented economic growth, has led to ever larger investment from companies from developing countries like India, as they look to obtain growth abroad. Such companies have diversified their investments and shifted a large part of their focus toward European markets. Mainland Europe is a relatively new destination for Indian Investment, with large scale investment in the manufacturing industry, technologies and mining. After the crisis or the Credit Crunch before the end of the first decade of the 21st century in the so called land of opportunity, America, Indians are starting to turn their gaze more toward European Countries - looking for a stable life, economic growth and a high standard of living. Many Indian, when thinking seriously about their future and career are flocking to Europe - especially to Germany, France and the UK – often choosing the education route to further their Masters studies and then settle down comfortably. Others however, who seek more a economical route to living and working in Europe, while providing a long-term and reliable investment opportunity, choose Latvia as their immigration destination of choice. Click here to Learn more.

Top countries where Indians migrate in Europe

History has shown that the United Kingdom Rules India when it comes to the preferred target for European immigration, followed by Germany, France, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Poland and very recently in the 21st century - Latvia. Those seeking to make such Foreign Direct Investments in Europe find that it is easy to start or expand their business overseas, with European nations offering low levels of corruption combined with liberal open market rules and business-friendly policies.

These significant foreign investments have become possible for Indian citizens, thanks largely to the liberalization of regulations at home by the Indian Government which has not only facilitated but encouraged Indian companies to expand their footprint and presence globally. The resulting international expansion has then accelerated due stable economic growth, positive Macroeconomic conditions and extremely favorable payment conditions. The Indian government, in outlining their Foreign trade policy for 2009-2014, made it clear that the Government will take all necessary steps towards encouraging and increasing trade and investments in Eastern European countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, Moldova and Ukraine – This is in addition to the steps already taken encouraging trade with Eastern European Union countries such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Indian investment in Europe

In recent years Indian companies have made major acquisitions of foreign assets abroad. For instance, in 2008, Tata Motors acquired Jaguar Land Rover PLC from the Ford Motor Company.

Indian companies were allowed to use special purpose vehicles (SPVs) in international capital markets to finance their cross-border acquisitions. Since then, SPVs set up in offshore financial canters, such as, Mauritius, Singapore and the Netherlands, have been mainly used as channels to mobilize funds and invest in third countries keeping in mind the business and legal considerations, tax advantages and easier access to financial resources in such countries.


If you have any questions about investment in Europe and the possibilities and opportunities for Indians, or how Indians can immigrate to Latvia, just get in contact with us.