Immigration to Hungary

Hungary is a European country located in central Europe. The population of Hungary is over 8 million and according to the statistics, the main religion in Hungary is Catholicism. The official language is Hungarian.

Hungary’s nominal GDP per capita is around 19 637 US dollars. The Official currency is Forint (HUF). Hungary is a part of the European Union and it has high income, open economy.

Hungary offers temporary and permanent residence permits to company owners, who in order to establish a Hungarian company require preparing an appropriate business plan. The immigration policy of Hungary includes a deal with non-EU countries, like, the United States, Canada, and others that allow foreign nationals to enter and stay in Hungary for 90 days within a 180 day period without needing any visa.

Immigration services

Application for Hungarian permanent residency has to be submitted to the Immigration and Asylum Office, which was established as an independent authority under the Ministry of Interior as Office of Immigration and Nationality back in 2000. It is responsible for applications of foreign citizens in Hungary, making decisions in the cases of foreigners, who stay illegally in the territory of Hungary and other.

Immigration service providers

A residence permit in Hungary can be acquired in many different ways, for example, acquiring a residency permit by investing in Hungary a minimum of 50 000 USD. Another option is getting a work permit for temporary residency in Hungary or study permit. To find the right choice you must to contact a professional that can think about the right way to get to Hungary.

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Lawful immigration

Due to Hungary’s geographic location, it is one of the main transit countries and place of irregular land migration to other Member countries of the European Union. Eastern and South-Eastern immigration happen through Hungarian territory. Hungary is one of the entry points for illegal migrants from the East. Therefore, lawful and correct immigration to Hungary is beyond important. Requirements for immigration stay for less than 90 days or more are various and need to be researched beforehand.

Law that controls immigration and other aspects of nationality is Hungarian nationality law, which is based on the principles of ius sanguinis. A Hungarian citizen is, therefore, a citizen of the European Union.

The actual Hungarian nationality law became legal in year 1993. By that were applied in January of 2011, every Hungarian citizen before the year 1920 or between years 1941 and 1945 and speaks the Hungarian language may apply to become a Hungarian citizen, even if they don’t live in Hungary.

Dual citizenship is permitted by taking into account Hungarian law.

Immigration statistics

Budapest is the most populated city in Hungary. The next largest cities regarding population are Debrecen and Miskolc. More on data about population of Hungary:

Hungary’s city Budapest is one of the most dynamically growing cities by population in Europe and the professionals predict population increase of almost 10% between 2005 and 2030.

The top 5 biggest cities of Hungary by population according to 2019 are estimated to be:

# City Population
1 Budapest 1 741 041
2 Debrecen 204 124
3 Miskolc 172 637
4 Szeged 164 883
5 Pecs 156 649

Migration in and out of Schengen area

Hungary is one of the member countries of the Schengen area. All of the countries of the Schengen Agreement have a passport and immigration control at countries collided borders and for travels between member states. Member countries allow Schengen visas issued by other Schengen states.

Non-EU citizens holding long term visas may stay in Hungary for more than 90 days within a 6 month period. A list of documents and grounds for requesting a visa can be found on the web site of Ministry of Interior.

Types of visas in Hungary

Depending on the purpose of your traveling to Hungary, there are many different types of visas that will apply to the occasion. General requirements always include – airplane tickets, cover letter, hotel booking, travel visa insurance.

C-Visa The visa is issued for purposes of a business, conference, medical treatment, visiting, tourism, sports events, children and transit. Requirements are invitation to Hungary, application form, copy of national identification card, copy of Passport, school reference (education purposes), marriage certificate, with notary approval, work and bank reference, sealed document from staying in hotel, travel insurance and ticket copy, visa fee being 35 to 60 EUR depending on type of visa.
D-Visa The visa is issued for longer-term visiting in Hungary, like education, employment, reunification and owning a property in the territory of Hungary. Requirements are application form, invitation from appropriate institution in Hungary, copy of national identification card, copy of Passport, school reference (education purposes), marriage certificate, with notary approval, work and bank reference, sealed document from staying in hotel, travel insurance and ticket copy and visa fee being 35 to 60 EUR depending on type of visa.

There are more types of visas, see more at

Residence permit

Residence permit in Hungary for gainful activity, work permit and residence permit is available for employees only. Residence permit that is long-term, visas and residency for family members can be applied by any person, who qualifies.

Immigration documents

To read more about the various immigration, residency and citizenship documents in Hungary, please refer to the immigration documents section.


Immigration to Hungary has been a reality since the birth of the country. Hungary is located in a geographical and geopolitical zone very influenced by the economic, political and religious conflicts between Eastern and Western cultures, as well as Northern and South cultures. Immigration has created multiculturalism in Hungary.

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